Dpf Cleaning Machines Çınar Dpf

Dpf Cleaning Machines Çınar
Dpf Cleaning Machines Çınar

As the manufacturer of Dpf cleaning machines, it is the first in Turkey in terms of working and cleaning in European countries with Catalyst and cleaning machine and particle filter machines. Aisi 304 quality is produced as indexed to the product of the material used. Complete cleaning of the product occurs when the reaction medium reaches 80 degrees Celsius.

Dpf Cleaning Machines

The machine starts the process by first bringing the liquid to 80 degrees. For this reason, Çınar Makina first sold the product, then designed the machine and patented the brand. The machine with the cabin completely cleans the particulate filter and catalyst from the open working environment and visibly cleans the inside of the closed cabin. A special ventilation system has been added and the resulting process expels steam from the environment.

Dpf Cinar Machine Company; Dpf Çınar Makine company (Çınar Dpfmac Cleaning Machines) brings together the experience, knowledge and knowledge gained at the end of long-term researches and designs efficient machines by benefiting from the latest technologies and produces quality Diesel Particulate Cleaning Machines and derivatives for the needs in this field.

Dpf Cinar Machine Company

The part that filters the particles in the exhaust gas, which is formed as a result of combustion in diesel vehicles, is called a particulate filter. Its task is to clean the exhaust gas from particles and reduce the exhaust particle emission.

DpfMac Particle Cleaning Our machine with cabin is cleaned with an automatic on-off system from the control panel with a fully automatic control system, after attaching the particle or catalyst to the head in the correct way.

Particle Cleaning Machine

You can reach the Diesel Particulate Filter dpf mac via Çınar machine, it has a structure that is designed to keep the soot and harmful gases that arise after combustion in diesel engine vehicles, trapping all harmful substances in order to make the nature cleaner. In this system, which is designed according to European standards, particulate filters are used in all diesel engine vehicles to meet the emission regulation, to reduce exhaust emissions such as hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and particulates. The purpose of this system is to create exhaust gas with lower emission value by filtering particulate particles.